Braille 1236L Lithium Charger (6AH)

The Braille 12v 6A lithium charger charges at a reasonably quick 6 Amps and is designed to maintain and keep Braille lithium batteries fully charged when not in use or sitting for long periods of time.

In the case that a Braille lithium battery is every fully discharged (10 volts is considered 0% state of charge on a 12v lithium battery), the 1236L charger has a ‘pre-charge/revival mode’ that will emit a slow ‘pulse charge’ as long as the battery has at least 2 volts (to know that it is connected to a battery) and will slowly bring it back up to 10 volts before charging at the standard 6 Amp rate back up to full.

The 1236L comes with an SAE quick disconnect along with a ring terminal harness and standard battery clamps for more charging solutions in a variety of vehicles, bikes, etc.


Comes with 1 x charger; 1x user manual; 2 x AC power cord (110VAC, 220VAC)

1236L new 2048x2048


DC Output

DC output voltage, nominal: 14.2v
DC output current, maximum: 6A
Output fuse:  F10AL250V or T10AL250V (5 x 20 mm)

Automatic multi-rate charging, CC/CV profile with Pre-charge @1.8a. (between 2v-10v)
Efficiency, 98%

AC Input

AC input voltage range: 90-243VAC
AC input voltage-nominal: 110VAC/220VAC
AC input frequency: 50-60Hz

AC input: US plug, Europlug, EIC320/C13 connector, 1.5 meter
DC output: Colored Alligator clips & ring terminal harness both with SAE quick connector, 1.5 meter


Dimensions: 4.45” x 2.36” x 3.39” (113 x 60 x 86mm)
Net weight: 2.0lbs (0.907kg)
Operating Temperature: 14F-113F (-10C-45C)
Storage Temperature: -40F-158F (-40C-70C)
Fan Operating Temperature: 104F (40c)


Safety standard: CE listed, NRTL, UL compliant
Safety-Europe: EN60335-2-29:2002

Packing List

1 x charger; 1x user manual; 2 x AC power cord (110VAC, 220VAC)

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